Travel with other gay men and lesbians makes it more comfortable to be yourself.

The Appeal of Gay Travel

"Do I want to travel in a gay group?" For some people, there's no question. Others are hesitant. If you enjoy the outdoors, does it matter who you're with? Here are three reasons that people often give for preferring to travel with us.

You want to be comfortable on your vacation.
The world is changing. Outright hostility to gay people is less common than it once was. But the occasional funny look, or the homophobic joke at the dinner table, can put a damper on what should be a relaxing vacation.

We're all happy to make new friends.
You have so much in common with others on our trips that new friendships naturally form. Yes, there are also couples who have met on our trips.

And it's fun to travel with old friends.
Somehow, within a day, most of our groups seem to turn into a family of people who feel like old friends. A divemaster once commented, on her first day with us, that she thought we'd all known each other for years. Individuals who have traveled in non-gay groups, then with us, consistently comment on the enormous difference in atmosphere between the two experiences.

Is it for you? You'll never know unless you give it a try -- and isn't that what adventure is all about?


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