The Little Colorado River, as it enters the Grand Canyon, provides a change of pace for a gay rafting group

Whitewater Rafting

Where's the raft?

When you hear about whitewater rafting in the Grand Canyon, the first thing you picture is probably a raft in whitewater rapids.

No doubt about it: Running the rapids is part of the fun and excitement. On a half-day or full-day whitewater rafting trip, those rapids will be the highlight of the journey.

But on a multi-day trip, particularly along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, the whitewater rapids are only one of aspect of your adventure. The other highlights include:

  • Hiking into the side canyons, often culminating in a shower under a remote waterfall;
  • Slipping along the natural water slides (left) where the blue waters of the Little Colorado flow into the canyon;
  • Visiting the ancient cliff ruins of the Anasazi Indians;
  • Spotting bighorn sheep, deer, fat chuckwalla lizards, condors, great blue herons, falcons, and other wildlife;
  • Watching the ever-changing scenery, as you pass by more than a billion years of rock in the canyon walls by day, then admire the Milky Way, sweeping across a starlit sky, at night.

Naturally, before you spend a week on a raft with a small group, you want to be sure you'll be comfortable in that group. That's why Alyson Adventures, sponsor of this site, offers an opportunity to raft on the Colorado River with a small, friendly gay and lesbian group.


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