Mountain biking in Moab, Utah, gay men combine fantastic scenery with the camaraderie of a small, friendly group.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking combines the best of both hiking and biking. On a mountain bike, you can reach remote spots that would be out of range by foot. With their low gears and fat tires, mountain bikes easily handle terrain that would destroy a road bike -- and perhaps destroy the cyclist, as well.

Throw in the challenge of a few technical moves, the satisfaction of cresting a long hill, and the delight of coasting down the other size, and you'll understand why mountain bike sales have boomed in the past decade.

Hotshot mountain bikers think nothing of popping off a 3-foot ledge. But you don't need that level of skill, or courage (others might use a different word), to enjoy mountain biking.

On the most basic level, mountain biking simply offers a way to discover an exotic locale, such as the highlands of Iceland. Moderately experienced cyclists -- those comfortable biking 40-50 miles a day on rolling terrain -- can learn new skills on off-road trails such as those around Moab, Utah (shown at left). And if you're really good, our friend Crash may let you try out the 12-foot jump he built in his front yard. But we do have a liability waiver we'd like you to sign first.

Alyson Adventures, the sponsor of this site, offers several ways to try out mountain biking with a small, friendly gay and lesbian group. Please join us!


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