Gay men hiking in the Swiss Alps

Hiking Vacations

Stop to admire a patch of alpine wildflowers -- wine red, snowy white, lemon yellow, robin's-egg blue, deep violet -- nestled in the grass.

Feel the mist of a mountain waterfall brush over your face, as you cross an ancient wooden footbridge far above civilization.

On an evening stroll, look overhead to see the stars of the Milky Way, sprinkled like fairy dust across the sky.

A hiking vacation with a small, compatible group brings the best of all worlds: Activity and relaxation, great food and no need to worry about the calories, beautiful new scenery and new friends with whom to enjoy it.

What's it take?

No special skills or training are needed to enjoy a week of hiking. A good pair of hiking boots, already broken in, are a big help on all-day hikes, but comfortable sneakers are adequate for short excursions.

Alyson Adventures, sponsor of this site, has selected several locations that each offer a superb, and varied, selection of day hikes. Most important, we bring together a small, friendly gay group with whom to enjoy your vacation. If the past is any indication, you'll remain friends with many of them long after the trip ends.


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