"The best vacation I ever had."*

Gay Adventure Travel

A decade ago, "gay adventure travel" was an unknown concept. Now, an increasing number of gay travelers report that such trips are "the best vacation I ever had." What happened? Two new concepts have combined into a third, which is even newer.

Gay travel: Gay people have traveled for as long as we've existed, of course. But the concept of gay travel -- a group of gay people, as such, enjoying holidays together because they wanted the comfort and camaraderie of a gay group -- was unknown until the 1970s, when Hanns Ebensten created the earliest organized gay tours. A decade later, RSVP Travel took it a step further, chartering entire cruise ships and bringing in their own entertainment for customized gay vacations and holidays.

Adventure travel: Likewise, explorers have been climbing the Himalayas and venturing into the wilderness for generations. Extreme sports have been around for centuries, if not always under that rubric. But only with the baby boomers have there been significant numbers of people who wanted to spend their limited vacation trying new activities, perhaps pushing their limits, rather than simply soaking up rays on the beach. This is the generation that has created the category of "adventure travel."

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These two new travel concepts didn't always mesh well. A typical "adventure travel" group attracted many engaging, friendly people who enjoyed the outdoors, but it also drew macho types who just wanted to boast about their "extreme sports" prowess. Gay travelers weren't always welcome in these settings.

Alyson Adventures, which sponsors this site, was created so that gay men, lesbians, and our friends can enjoy the challenge of new outdoor activities, and the excitement of exploring other cultures and countries, in a comfortable, friendly, small-group atmosphere. Please join us!


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